How do I pay you?

We are compensated by commission most often. A financial product is most often required as part of the solution to a planning shortfall and the supplier company of that product pays us. Fee for service is available as well.

Do you make home visits and is an evening meeting possible?

Yes, arrangements can be made to meet at your home and in the evening when it is not possible to meet in our office through the day. Evening meetings in our office are also an option.

What is your relationship with Assante?

Assante Financial Management Ltd. is our dealer for mutual funds and Assante Estate and Insurance Services Inc. is the entity through which we provide Segregated funds. Assante also provides us with financial resources like access to estate and tax planners. To learn more about our relationship with Assante please see our Disclaimer page, or visit assante.com/legal

What products are you licensed to provide?

Life Insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance, health insurance, group benefits, GIC’s, mutual funds, segregated funds, annuities, and group savings plans.

What does it take to start a plan?

It takes an interest to improve your financial situation and an open mind. We work with a wide variety of clients some of whom are just starting out to some that are very established that require fine tuning.

What do you need to know about me?

It really depends on the level of planning you would like to do. Typically, we will need to know the facts, including age and your financial particulars, (account balances, debt balances, savings plans) as well as your goals and objectives.

What is a Management Expense Ratio (MER)?

This is the embedded fee in a mutual fund and segregated fund that is taken to administer the investment. It is a percentage of the balance of the account and it differs between companies and types of funds.Typically it ranges between 1.5% for fixed income funds to 2.75% for higher risk equity funds.

The expenses in administrating a mutual fund and segregated fund include the equity and fixed income analysis, economic research, transaction fees, ongoing performance reviews, compliance, client communication/on-line access to accounts, and advisor compensation.